Private Sector / Critical Infrastructure Training

Private Sector Outreach and Infrastructure Liaison Officer Training

This is a one day/8 hour course for Infrastructure Liaison Officers, whether they are called FLOs, TLOs or ILOs, depending on the fusion center they report too. Over many years, with fusion centers trying different methodologies, the most successful, and best practice, has been this one-day classroom approach, providing the mission essential skills and knowledge the FLOs need to be successful. This can be augmented with online training, and shouldn’t be considered a replacement for solid community outreach efforts by the fusion centers that are less formal or time-consuming.

Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) Course

This is a one-day course (8 hour) that trains and certifies private sector participants as Infrastructure Liaison Officers, working as private sector outreach and liaison with their fusion centers and/or FBI sponsored InfraGard Chapter. The course covers their roles and responsibilities, the regional, state and national level “fusion” or “intelligence” community, including key definitions and concepts, and finally the threat, terrorism. Impressive “stats” from this training course, particularly in California with InfraGard Los Angeles, have been getting national attention. This has been modified for “sector specific” ILO courses focusing on Education, Energy, Health, Water, etc., wherein specialized expert speakers and exercises are incorporated with the baseline curriculum.

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Government - KIPP Intelligence

KIPP furnishes Government Agencies a wide range of courses, seminars, workshops and special events utilizing top experts in the fields of terrorism, intelligence and Homeland Security.

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Corporate - KIPP Intelligence

KIPP experts on national and international threats provide the Private Sector with seminars and training tailored to meet its needs.

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Fusion Centers

Fusion Centers - KIPP Intelligence

KIPP is proud to be a key partner with Fusion Centers from coast to coast, making every center we work with both highly functional and regionally mission essential.

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