1-2-3 TerrorStop

1-2-3 TerrorStop is an active deterrent to terrorism, Lone Wolves and active shooters. It is an aggressive program to prevent attacks by terrorists, whether part of larger group, small cell or individuals, along with what immediate actions to take should they attack, along with simple defensive actions that can be done beforehand at home, work or wherever you may find yourself. It is a series of three (3) four-hour seminars: TRAPP (Terrorism Recognition, Awareness and Prevention Partnership), TVP (Targeted Violence Prevention) and (ACT) Attack Countermeasures Training. While all of these seminars can be expanded beyond four hours each, this is designed to most effectively blend in with the needs of your workplace and workforce, with each successive seminar not just introducing new knowledge and understanding, but also comprehensively building on lessons learned in previous training. Don’t be a victim or let others become victims, be an active deterrent to terrorists, become eyes, ears and protection for your workplace or school, home and community.

Terrorism Recognition, Awareness and Prevention Partnership (TRAPP)

TRAPP is a powerful four hour or half day training event that puts the power of knowledge and understanding behind the “see something, say something campaign.”  Whether as a stand-alone terrorism prevention and outreach training event to either public or private sector students, or as a key component of a fusion center’s FLO, TLO or ILO certification program, TRAPP is the most cost effective way to develop that collaborative effort and information sharing environment. Terrorist attacks are horrible, but too many times we discover they were also preventable.  Suspicious Activity wasn’t recognized, and how too securely report it wasn’t understood, and pre-incident indicators were simply missed.

About 75% of TRAPP is aimed at understanding terrorism, especially the pre-incident indicators of terrorist actions, and 25% understanding the system in place for reporting, both the fusion centers and FBI.  It’s building an appreciation of the threat, and how to leverage the system in place to stop it.  It’s about stopping the next San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Chattanooga, Charleston or Boston Marathon attack. Aimed at audiences from 50-500, and usually done in both AM and PM four hour sessions in a training day, TRAPP can easily accommodate training 1000+ people day, venue permitting.

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Targeted Violence Prevention (TVP)

Targeted Violence Prevention is a proven, operationally relevant methodology of assessing students and others who may be on pathway to violence.  This course is about what it takes and what we must know to prevent the next Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Santa Barbara Isla Vista or Charleston AME attack.   From understanding the psychology or mindset of these killers, what are their motivations and what are the pre-incident indicators (PIIs) to look and listen for, this course is about timely identification and reporting of suspicious behavior to prevent these kinds of deadly attacks.

Dr. Tony Beliz, PhD is a nationally renowned forensic psychologist specializing in preventing violence.  As Deputy Director of Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (CLACDMH) Emergency Outreach Bureau, Dr. Beliz developed a national reputation by expanding and developing cutting edge field-based programs for critical incident response and psychiatric emergencies. These field programs are what teams used in response to the 2013 LAX shooting, along with numerous barricade and hostage situations, suicidal or homicidal persons response, and celebrity stalkers or identifying persons of interest.

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ACT Cert Survival Edge Series™

We are all exposed to the possibility of facing a violent criminal, Active Shooter or a terrorist someday. Every one of us is responsible for our own safety and the protection of loved ones. The ACT Cert Survival Edge Series™ addresses the need for effective training that can help mitigate risks and improve individual preparedness. The ACT Cert Survival Edge Series™ is about Personal Protection and Survival. The courses in this series teach proven methods for personal protection and attack countermeasures that can be used anywhere.

Alon Stivi is the CEO of Direct Measures and the Founder / Developer of ACT Cert® program. He is a leading authority on security, counterterrorism and travel safety and a POST certified law enforcement trainer who emigrated from Israel after serving in an elite unit of the IDF. He taught close combat tactics to the US Navy SEAL CQB Instructors and has protected Fortune 500 executives and dignitaries worldwide. He currently serves as a Terrorism Liaison Officer with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and teaches Active Shooter Survival and Terrorism Responder courses funded by the Department of Homeland Security. He has been featured on network television, radio, and in national publications.

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Government - KIPP Intelligence

KIPP furnishes Government Agencies a wide range of courses, seminars, workshops and special events utilizing top experts in the fields of terrorism, intelligence and Homeland Security.

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Corporate - KIPP Intelligence

KIPP experts on national and international threats provide the Private Sector with seminars and training tailored to meet its needs.

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Fusion Centers

Fusion Centers - KIPP Intelligence

KIPP is proud to be a key partner with Fusion Centers from coast to coast, making every center we work with both highly functional and regionally mission essential.

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